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AUGUST 17-20, 2020






August 17-20, 2020


Spiritual Life Center
7100 E 45th St N
Bel Aire, Kansas 67226


The Evangel Dean School of Urban Church Planting focuses on facilitating church planting movements from and for the urban poor.  We believe that that poor can and must engage in God's Great Commission to, "Go, and make disciples of all nations."  Therefore, we seek to identify, equip and release church plant movement leaders to empower the urban poor to proclaim the Gospel of the Kingdom to every people group.


If this is you, our process towards certification and commissioning begins months in advance.  It requires discipline and focus as you will be entrusted to equip church planting teams to enter some of the most dangerous and forgotten places in order to establish an "outpost of the Kingdom of God."  By ensuring quality and commitment, potential deans start with Enlistment, Step 1, at the Evangel Dean Training Web page.  In order to ensure quality and commitment, potential deans begin with Phase 1, Enlistment.  This phase includes application, Pastor or Spiritual Leader reference, Sign-off on Ancient Future Call, reading World Impacts paper – Ministry Among the Poor, and writing a paper on their Vision for Mission.  Upon completion of this phase, the applicants move into Phase 2, Basic Training - readings, videos, writings, team assignments (we only work with teams of 2 or more).  In this phase we focus the applicants understanding of Our Distinctive (Gods Heart for the Poor), Our Commitment (The Centrality of the Church) and, Our Practice (Way of Church Planting). Upon completion of all assignments the applicant, along with their team, is now ready for Boot Camp/Evangel School of Urban Church Planting, Dean Training.


Your team will leave Boot Camp training, spiritually, strategically, and tactically ready to train urban church planters using Ripe for Harvest:  A Guidebook for Planting Healthy Churches in the City in conjunction with Evangel Church Plant Schools.  Woven throughout the 4 day Boot Camp training are central planks, fundamental points of missions, that strengthen the Dean Teams in their calling and vision to equip church planters.  These planks are:  Strategy and the Holy Spirit, Movements, Church Planting Among the Poor, Total Surrender, Evangelism, Empowerment, and Networks.  We look forward to coming alongside your vision to equip church planters from and for the urban poor.


As promised, here are the 2019 Dean Team Charters so you can pray for each other:

Many of you asked for the Lead Sheets for the worship songs we sang at the conference.

Here is a single file of all of the lead sheets for your use: 

Additional Resources

Church Planting Bookshelf

The Evangel Network Booklet

The Apprenticeship Booklet

Coaching Resources and Forms:

We will be providing each Dean Team with 1 Church Planter Toolkit. 

Please complete this form so we know where to ship the Toolkit.

Introduction to Movements
TUMI National

Introduction to Movements

For More Information

about church planting and Evangel Dean

Schools / Dean Training:

For more information: 

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School of Urban Church Planting

August 2019 Evangel Dean School Participants


Thank you for your prayers! God moved mightily at our

2019 Evangel Dean School.

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